Sri Aurobindo's Birthplace

Eternal Birth

Sri Aurobindo was born in the early hours of August 15, 1872 at No. 4 Theatre Road (now No. 8, Shakespeare Sarani)

Sri Aurobindo Bhavan

'Sri Aurobindo Bhavan' was established at No. 8, Shakespeare Sarani, Calcutta (old No. 4, Theatre Road in 1872) - the place where Sri Aurobindo was born - as per "The Sri Aurobindo Memorial Act", enacted by West Bengal Assembly in 1972. The actual handing over took place on 15.August.1972 - Sri Aurobindo's Centenary Birthday.

Sri Aurobindo Memorial Act

The West Bengal Assembly passed and enacted The Sri Aurobindo Memorial Act, 1972 (Act XXIV of 1972)"

“An Act to establish the Sri Aurobindo Bhavan and the Sri Aurobindo Samiti, to perpetuate the memory of Sri Aurobindo."


“Whereas, it is expedient to establish at 8, Shakespeare Sarani, Calcutta, the place where Sri Aurobindo was born and spent his childhood days, the Sri Aurobindo Bhavan...."

Shrine at Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, Kolkata

Shrine at Sri Aurobindo Bhavan

On 15.1.73, The Mother gave the Sacred Relics of Sri Aurobindo to Bholanath Sen, Minister, Government of West Bengal and Himanghsu Kumar Niyogi, President, Sri Aurobindo Pathamandir, for enshrining at Sri Aurobindo Bhavan. At Calcutta, the relics were taken to the Alipore Central Jail where Sri Aurobindo was detained as an under trial prisoner and then to Alipore Court where he was tried and acquitted. Arranged by the Government in collaboration with the Pathamandir, the relics were taken round all the Districts of West Bengal. On 16.02.73, the Relics reached Jadavpur University, developed out of the National College of which Sri Aurobindo was the first Principal. From there, in one of the longest of recent processions in Calcutta, they were taken to Sri Aurobindo Bhavan where they were enshrined by Shri A. L. Dias, Governor of West Bengal.

"Reports of the Quarter", General - From The Bulletin of Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, Vol. XXV No.2 April 1973

"My village is Theatre Road..." - Sri Aurobindo

December 2, 1939

Nirodbaran (when Sri Aurobindo lay in bed) : "Professor Mitra has asked me to tell you that his native village is the same as yours: Konnagar."
Sri Aurobindo : "I see, but I went there only once. My village is Theatre Road, Calcutta."


December 3, 1939

Nirodbaran (after Sri Aurobindo's walk) : "Did you say Theatre Road was your village?"
Sri Aurobindo : "Yes, I was born there in the house of the lawyer Manmohan Ghosh. It was No. 4, I think."

An Extract from Nirodbaran > 'Talks with Sri Aurobindo' > Page 277-278

Commemorative Plaque at Sri Aurobindo's birthplace

A co-incidence

There is a curious coincidence that during the initial period of his stay in England, Sri Aurobindo lived in a house on the street named after Shakespeare at Manchester and it bore both Nos. 8 and 4. The coincidence is this that the original Theatre Road of Calcutta was also eventually changed to be named after Shakespeare and this house in Calcutta also bears the Nos. 8 (new) and 4 (old).

Letter dated August 1, 1978 from Nirmal Singh Nahar addressed to the Editor, Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives and Research.

Commemorative Plaque

Commemorative Plaque at Sri Aurobindo's birthplace
Commemorative Plaque at Sri Aurobindo's birthplace

Sri Aurobindo Bhavan



Sri Aurobindo Bhavan
8, Shakespeare Sarani,
Kolkata, West Bengal - 700071.


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