The Future Foundation School

T.F.F.S. Admissions

Parents / Guardians / Applicants are expressly informed that The Future Foundation School is an unaided Co-ed School affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi.


The Future Foundation School and Arun Nursery School are two distinct entities. Admission to one school does not guarantee admission to the other.


The School does not accept any donation in cash or in kind for admission. Should any consideration be demanded, the School Management must promptly be intimated. If anyone is found to have paid any sum of money as consideration for admission to an intermediary, individual or organization, admission will be cancelled at the sole discretion of the School Management.

R2 Accordingly Parents / Guardians / Applicants are requested to note the following: (A) Not to pay any amount by cash, cheque, or kind to anyone for admission. (B) Not to be misled by any false claims for securing admission by paying donation.
R3 The right of granting admission - subject to the laws of the land, as applicable to this institution from time to time - is reserved with the School Management. No explanation will be given if admission is not granted.
R4 In case it is discovered that incorrect or misleading information was provided during or as part of the Admisssion process , then Admission, even if granted, will stand cancelled at the sole discretion of the School Management.
R5 Fees (other than Security Deposit) once paid, shall NOT be refunded under any circumstances.
R6 Parents / Guardians / Applicants are expressly informed that Registration does NOT guarantee Admission.
R8.1 Parents / Guardians / Applicants are expressly informed that the School activities combine Academics with Sports, Adventure and Cultural Activities, some or all of which are compulsory as part of the overall education and development of the child.
R8.2 Parents / Guardians / Applicants to confirm that no claims will be made against the School Management in respect of any loss or injury to the child during the course of any of the activities conducted by the School.
R8.3 Parents / Guardians / Applicants agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the School, being in force, including providing the appropriate indemnities, if required, in respect of any facilities obtained / arranged by the school for any of the activities planned for the children during the school tenure of the child.
R9 Eligibility criteria - The Admission/Registration will automatically stand cancelled for candidates who do not conform to the specified eligibility criteria.
R10 The School respects the rights of Parents / Guardians / Applicants to choose whether to receive information from the School via sms or e-mail and hence provides suitable options. However, the School reserves the right to send sms or e-mail to Parents/Guardians/Applicants in case of emergency notifications or any other important need, recognized as such by the School.
R11 In case of separation of parents before admission the parent who has custody rights must submit all legal documents during admission.
R12 In case of separation after the child's admission and during his/her tenure in school, the parent with custody rights has to submit all legal documents pertaining to separation and custody rights. If custody rights are not clearly mentioned in the legal document submitted, an NOC from the other parent has to be submitted.
R13 In case of demise of one or both parents during the child’s tenure in school, the school has to be officially notified. The legal guardian has to submit an affidavit stating his guardianship along with a copy of the death certificate.
Rules related to Security Deposit
R14 Security deposit will be returned to parent/legal guardian only.
R15 If either of the parents have expired or parents have separated, then the parent who has the custody rights will be the only person to whom the deposit will be returned.
R16 A parent has to be physically present along with a Photo ID in order to collect the cheque and sign the Register.