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To love to learn is the most precious gift that one can give to a child: to love to learn always and everywhere, so that all circumstances, all happenings in life may be constantly renewed opportunities for learning more and always more.

- The Mother

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Arun Nursery School opened its doors on September 04, 1972 with The Mother's Blessings. The pre-school owes its existence to the singular effort of Shri Arun Tagore. Hence the Mother named the School after Arun da.

The School

The school which started with 3 children and an equal number of teachers at Lakshmi's House opened a new campus in 2013 at 110, Satindra Pally, Garia off Boral Main Road. Both campus have identical principles, objectives and methodology.


Admissions happen mainly in Toddlers and Nursery. For KG and Senior KG it is strictly against vacancies.

Theme Teaching

Arun Nursery School has embraced the concept of 'Theme Teaching'. Learning and social skills, as well as important concepts, are developed in children through this approach.

It has been found that the children who have been exposed to this method of teaching have developed greater self-confidence, awareness, thinking skills and learning readiness.

This approach emphasises Concept over Content and helps the child develop a holistic outlook towards life.

  • colours

    Theme: Colors - Activity: Colour matching

  • yellow

    Theme: Colors - Examining Yellow-colored objects

  • animals

    Theme: Wild Animals - Activity: Chart-making

  • jungle safari

    Theme: Wild Animals - A 'Jungle Safari'

All education of the body should begin at birth and continue throughout life. It is never too soon to begin nor too late to continue..

- The Mother

Physical Education

Various kinds of Sporting activities and a daily exercise routine help children integrate physical fitness and awareness into their very lives. Drill displays on Darshan Days allow the children to show-case their physical skills.

  • physical demonstration

    Physical Demonstration on The Mother's Birthday

  • Physical Training

    Physical Training

  • Sports

    Sports Day

  • Drill display

    Drill display on Sports day

...Vital education has two principal aspects, ... The first concerns the development and use of the sense organs. The second progressing awareness and control of the character, culminating in its transformation...

- The Mother

Vital Education

Arun Nursery believes in avoiding an exclusive focus on text books and encourages the child to experience the world at large.

Due importance is given to the development of the child's character, sense of beauty, the power of observation and honing of sensory powers to perfection.

  • sharing

    Learning to work in a group - sharing resources

  • nature

    Learning from Nature

  • music

    Learning to sing

  • road-safety

    Learning about safety on roads

Various group and individual activities are undertaken indoors and outdoors for the development of listening skills, speaking skills, observational and recording skills and most importantly life skills.

Music, Art & creativity, 'Nature walk', quality circle time, story telling and simple chores that make them self reliant are a few of these activities.

  • shelling peas

    Shelling peas ...

  • planting

    Sowing seeds to watch the plant appear

  • table manners

    Table Manners ...

  • lifeskills

    Life Skills : Learning to wash toys

Spiritual Ambience

Arun Nursery School itself is located within the premises of Lakshmi's House, a temple that houses Sri Aurobindo's relics - a material assurance of Their living Presence and Guidance. When the teachers and students walk through the portals of "Mother's own House in Calcutta", they breathe this very presence and share with their souls the vibration of every atom in the home of Grace - a vibration of truth, consciousness and love - a vibration that awakens and intensifies aspiration into a one-pointed flame seeking the Divine and a life divine.


Building concepts

"Near and Far"

June 26, 2016- "Near and Far" - Concept building for the little learners was done through a fun activity in the courtyard. Children threw a ball near or far from them to the respective baskets, enjoying the learning activity.

  • caption
    Activity based on the concept of "Near and Far"
  • caption
    Happy Hours in classroom

Introduction of Letters and Numbers

  • caption
    Learning all about "C"


My Home

  • caption
    Home sweet home

My Home is where the heart is. This is a great theme to help children learn more about each other and about their friends' homes. Children had a lot of fun in making their "Home sweet home" using ice-cream sticks.

  • caption
    Bed time
  • caption
    Feeling blessed
  • caption
    My Home - "Chop choppity chop"
  • caption
    Admiring ourselves

Physical Activities

  • caption
    Surya Namaskar

Play or exercise? A child's body doesn't know the difference, but their mind tells them when they're having fun. Children are thereby happy to get active through daily exercise during Assembly.

Morning Assembly

  • caption
    Children singing the National Anthem

Students assemble in the morning everyday for prayers and other activities. They sing songs, recite and also do physical exercise.

The Toddler's day

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    My first day - Toddlers

April 12, 2016

Tiny tots on their first day at school, having a joyful moment through fun activities, story telling session, music and dance.

  • caption
    Happy Colouring
  • caption
    Scribbling with crayons
  • caption
  • caption
  • caption
  • caption
    Free play

Other Activities

Rabindrajayanti Celebrations

May 06, 2016 - Arun Nursery School dedicated mellifluous songs, captivating poems and dance numbers to celebrate the birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore. The children enjoyed the session thoroughly.

  • caption
    Toddlers performing during Rabindrajayanti Celebrations
  • caption
    Nursery Students' performance
  • caption
    Group performance by tiny tots
  • caption
    Hriday amaar nacherey ajike
  • caption
    Dancing merrily
  • caption
    Shurey shurey gaaner opare
  • caption
    Rabindrajayanti Celebration
  • caption
    Four year old children singing Rabindrasangeet


  • caption
    "Water-play" - Nursery Boys
  • caption
    "Water-play" - Nursery
  • caption
    "Water-play" - Nursery
  • caption
    Toddlers - Garia Campus
  • caption
    splish splash
  • caption
    home is where the pool is
  • caption
    Fun in the water
  • caption
    Drips and drops
  • caption
    "Water-play" - Toddlers, Garia Campus

June 17, 2016 Water Play- Its time to flip flop into summer and nothing can beat the fun of having water play, at this time! Children enjoyed their "splish-splash" moments.


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