Galerie La Mère: Durga 2016

An exhibition of paintings and drawings with Goddess Durga as its theme

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Sri Aurobindo's Birthday

Darshan Day : Sri Aurobindo's 144th Birth Anniversary...Hoisting of The Mother's Flag.. National Flag..Mother’s Salute by TFFS Prefects.. March-past by students.. Skit on Sri Aurobindo's Kshomar Adorsho.. Drill-display, Yoga, Eurythmics by students and staff.. Collective meditation... Visit to the Darshan room.. Songs by Smt. Nupurchhanda Ghosh... Inauguration of Freedom at Galerie La Mere

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Songs by Smt. Nupurchhanda Ghosh

Offering of of Patriotic and Devotional songs on Sri Aurobindo's Birthday

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Joya di

Read about Joya di's first meeting with The Mother

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Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture

Poetry raises the emotions and gives each its separate delight... Art stills the emotions and teaches them the delight of a restrained and limited satisfaction... Music deepens the emotions and harmonises them with each other... Between them music, art and poetry are a perfect education for the soul... - Sri Aurobindo

Cultural Events

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