The Mother's Final Arrival at Pondicherry

Darshan Day - 24.Apr.2017

The Mother guides, helps each according to his nature and need, and, where necessary, herself intervenes with her Power enabling the sadhak to withstand the rigours and demands of the Path.

She has placed herself - with all the Love, Peace, Knowledge and Consciousness that she is - at the disposal of every aspiring soul that looks for help.

- Sri Aurobindo

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The Mother's Birthday

21.Feb.2017: Darshan Day

Parama 2017

21.Feb.2017: Art Exhibition at Galerie La Mère

Joya di's 81st Birthday


Artistic Tributes

Sitar Recital by Alif Laila

Vocal Recital by Mitali Banerjee Bhowmik

Celebrations in TFFS

Inter School Art Competition

Tribute by students - Rangoli and Flower-arrangement

Vocal Recital by Mitali Banerjee Bhowmik

2.Feb.2017: Tribute to Joya di on her 81st Birth Anniversary

Tarun Das on Tabla and Anirban Chakrabarty on Harmonium

Sitar Recital by Alif Laila

2.Feb.2017: Tribute to Joya di on her 81st Birth Anniversary

Sudhir Gharai on Tabla

La Mere Annual 2017

7.Jan.2017: Art Exhibition at Galerie La Mère

New Year's Day

1.Jan.2017: Darshan Day

Darshan Day

Collective Meditation was held around the Shrine on the first day of the year. This was followed by distribution of the Darshan Message from Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry and a calendar from the Institute.

Sri Aurobindo's Mahasamadhi Day

5.Dec.2016: Darshan Day

Mahasamadhi Day

Collective Meditation was held around the Shrine. This was followed by a visit to the Darshan room at Lakshmi's House and distribution of the Darshan Message from Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry.

To express our gratitude to Sri Aurobindo we can do nothing better than to be a living demonstration of his teaching.

- The Mother

Siddhi Day

24.Nov.2016: Darshan Day

Darshan Day

The anniversary of the Siddhi day or the day of Victory was the occasion for Collective Meditation around the Shrine. This was followed by a visit to the Darshan room at Lakshmi's House and distribution of the Darshan Message from Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry.

Durga 2016

30.Oct.2016: Art Exhibition at Galerie La Mère

Sri Aurobindo's Birthday

15.Aug.2016: Darshan Day

Freedom 2016

15.Aug.2016: Art Exhibition at Galerie La Mère

Songs led by Smt. Swastika Mukhopadhyay

3.Aug.2016: Remembering Atulprasad Sen, Rajanikanto Sen, D. L. Roy and Dilip Kumar Roy

Remembering Atulprasad Sen, Rajanikanto Sen, D. L. Roy and Dilip Kumar Roy

Sri Aurobindo's Sacred Relics

Sri Aurobindo's Relics were enshrined in Lakshmi's House on 24.Jun.1977.

Relics are the living Presence of Sri Aurobindo, imbued with His light and force, just as an atom contains an infinite power in itself....

Rabindra Sangeet by various artists

9.May.2016: Musical Tribute to Rabindranath Tagore on his Birth Anniversary by various artists

Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture celebrated Rabindranath Tagore's 155th Birth Anniversary with an offering of Rabindra Sangeet by celebrated artists. Chorus led by Shri Ashish Bhattacharya and Smt. Pramita Mullick. Solo renditions by Mriganka Sarkar, Shreya Guha Thakurta, Iffat Ara Dewan, Debashish Roy Choudhury, Rohini Roy Choudhury, Biswarup Rudra, Anita Pal, Shamik Pal, Imon Chakraborty...

The Mother's final arrival at Pondicherry

24.Apr.2016: Darshan Day

We read, we try to understand, we explain, we try to know. But a single minute of true experience teaches us more than millions of words and hundreds of explanations.

So the first question is: How to have the experience?

To go within yourself, that is the first step.

And then, once you have succeeded in going within yourself deeply enough to feel the reality of that which is within, to widen yourself progressively, systematically, to become as vast as the universe and lose the sense of limitation.

These are the first two preparatory movements.

And these two things must be done in the greatest possible calm, peace and tranquillity. This peace, this tranquillity brings about silence in the mind and stillness in the vital.

This effort, this attempt must be renewed very regularly, persistently. And after a certain lapse of time, which may be longer or shorter, you begin to perceive a reality that is different from the reality perceived in the ordinary, external consciousness.

The Mother

'Poila Baishakh' - Bengali New Year's Day


New Year's Day in the Bengali calendar

Audio recording of Pradyot da's words was played.

There was Collective Meditation in the Hall of Light.

Offering of Rabindra Sangeet by Shri Ashish Bhattacharya

He was accompanied by Pandit Biplab Mondal on the Tabla, Shri Anjan Basu on the Esraj and Shri Panchanan Boral with Mandiras.

Songs by Ashish Bhattacharya

14.Apr.2016: Offering of songs on New Year's Day in the Bengali calendar

Offering of songs to celebrate New Year's Day in the Bengali calendar

Sri Aurobindo's arrival in Pondicherry


Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo's arrival in Pondicherry

There was Collective Meditation around the Shrine at Lakshmi's House.

The Divine Adventure

1910. The middle of February.
It is late evening.
4, Shyampukur Lane,
The office of Karmayogin.
A flight of stairs. A bare room.
He is seated on the only cot.
Around Him are the faithfuls.
The air is purposeful yet relaxed.
There is laughter and mirth.
Suddenly a young staff member rushes in.

The Mother's first meeting with Sri Aurobindo


The First Meeting Day

The 102nd anniversary of the Mother's first meeting with Sri Aurobindo at the Guest House was the occasion for Collective Meditation around the Shrine.

"I came here..... I had an appointment for the afternoon. He was living in the house that's now part of the second dormitory, the old Guest House. I climbed up the stairway and he was standing there, waiting for me at the top of the stairs….EXACTLY my vision! Dressed the same way, in the same position, in profile, his head held high. He turned his head towards me…and I saw in his eyes that it was He... more

Basanta Utsav - Spring Celebration

An offering of Music and Dance to celebrate the onset of Spring

Events Calendar


Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

This message is generated randomly from a collection of short written statements taken from the notes, letters, and messages of The Mother. The process of generating the guidance is the electronic equivalent of randomly looking up a book to receive an indication or answer.

The Mother explains the process

Everybody can do it. It is done in this way: you concentrate. Now, it depends on what you want. If you have an inner problem and want the solution, you concentrate on this problem; if you want to know the condition you are in, which you are not aware of - if you want to get some light on the state you are in, you just come forward with simplicity and ask for the light. Or else, quite simply, if you are curious to know what the invisible knowledge has to tell you, you remain silent and still for a moment and then open the book. I always used to recommend taking a paper-knife, because it is thinner; while you are concentrated you insert it in the book and with the tip indicate something. Then, if you know how to concentrate, that is to say, if you really do it with an aspiration to have an answer, it always comes.

For, in books of this kind (Mother shows The Synthesis of Yoga), books of revelation, there is always an accumulation of forces - at least of higher mental forces, and most often of spiritual forces of the highest knowledge. Every book, on account of the words it contains, is like a small accumulator of these forces. People don't know this, for they don't know how to make use of it, but it is so. In the same way, in every picture, photograph, there is an accumulation, a small accumulation representative of the force of the person whose picture it is, of his nature and, if he has powers, of his powers. Now, you, when you are sincere and have an aspiration, you emanate a certain vibration, the vibration of your aspiration which goes and meets the corresponding force in the book, and it is a higher consciousness which gives you the answer.

Everything is contained potentially. Each element of a whole potentially contains what is in the whole. It is a little difficult to explain, but you will understand with an example: when people want to practise magic, if they have a bit of nail or hair, it is enough for them, because within this, potentially, there is all that is in the being itself. And in a book there is potentially - not expressed, not manifest - the knowledge which is in the person who wrote the book. Thus, Sri Aurobindo represented a totality of comprehension and knowledge and power; and every one of his books is at once a symbol and a representation. Every one of his books contains symbolically, potentially, what is in him. Therefore, if you concentrate on the book, you can, through the book, go back to the source. And even, by passing through the book, you will be able to receive much more than what is just in the book.

There is always a way of reading and understanding what one reads, which gives an answer to what you want. It is not just a chance or an amusement, nor is it a kind of diversion. You may do it just "like that", and then nothing at all happens to you, you have no reply and it is not interesting. But if you do it seriously, if seriously your aspiration tries to concentrate on this instrument - it is like a battery, isn't it, which contains energies - if it tries to come into contact with the energy which is there and insists on having the answer to what it wants to know, well, naturally, the energy which is there - the union of the two forces, the force given out by you and that accumulated in the book - will guide your hand and your paper-knife or whatever you have; it will guide you exactly to the thing that expresses what you ought to know…. Obviously, if one does it without sincerity or conviction, nothing at all happens. If it is done sincerely, one gets an answer.

Certain books are like this, more powerfully charged than others; there are others where the result is less clear. But generally, books containing aphorisms and short sentences - not very long philosophical explanations, but rather things in a condensed and precise form - it is with these that one succeeds best.

Naturally, the value of the answer depends on the value of the spiritual force contained in the book. If you take a novel, it will tell you nothing at all but stupidities. But if you take a book containing a condensation of forces - of knowledge or spiritual force or teaching power - you will receive your answer.


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