19/3, Chhaku Khansama Lane

  • 19/3, Chhaku Khansama Lane, Calcutta

    19/3, Chhaku Khansama Lane, Calcutta

Sri Aurobindo resided at 19/3, Chhaku Khansama Lane for a short period (probably between October 1906 and Jan 1907).


Reason for shifting

In March 1906, the 'Jugantar' began to be published. A few days later Aurobindo Babu left his Baroda service and came to live amongst us... In Calcutta he stayed with Raja Subodh Mullick and I would go to see him every day. One day he confided to me that he wanted to shift somewhere else. I enquired whether he was not comfortable at his current residence.
'No', he said, 'that is not the reason. It is difficult for the common man to come here and meet me.'
Understanding his feelings, I arranged for him to shift to a house in Chhaku Khansama Lane along with Barin and Sarojini-didi and we stayed there for a few days.

Extract from Bengali memoirs of Abinash Chandra Bhattacharya

Commemorative Plaque

  • Commemorative Plaque at 19/3, Chhaku Khansama Lane
    Commemorative Plaque

19/3 Chhaku Khansama Lane



  • Take Surya Sen Street and move towards Sealdah station
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