'Ashram of Revolutionary Sannayasins'

  • House at 32, Muraripukur Road, Calcutta
  • House at 32, Muraripukur Road, Calcutta
  • House at 32, Muraripukur Road, Calcutta

The property at 32, Muraripukur Road served as headquarters for the Revolutionary group led by Barindra Ghose. Fourteen revolutionaries were arrested from this property, also known as the 'Maniktolla Gardens', to stand for trial in the Alipore Bomb Case.

  • Barindra Kumar Ghose
    Barindra Kumar Ghose

Barindra Kumar Ghose

".. I educated the boys in religious books and politics. We were always thinking of a far-off revolution and wished to be ready for it, so we were collecting weapons in small quantities... Among other young men who came to be admitted to our circle was Ullaskar Dutta...He said that he wanted to come among us and be useful, as he had learnt the preparation of explosives. He had a small laboratory in his house without his father's knowledge and he experimented there... With his help we began preparing explosives in small quantities, in the Bagan-bari at 32, Mooraripookur Road.

The Cause and Justification of Violent Means

Morality of Battle

...Under certain circumstances a civil struggle becomes in reality a battle and the morality of war is different from the morality of peace. To shrink from bloodshed and violence under such circumstances is a weakness deserving as severe a rebuke as Srikrishna addressed to Arjuna when he shrank from the colossal civil slaughter on the field of Kurukshetra. Liberty is the life-breath of a nation; and when the life is attacked, when it is sought to suppress all chance of breathing by violent pressure, any and every means of self-preservation becomes right and justifiable, - just as it is lawful for a man who is being strangled to rid himself of the pressure on his throat by any means in his power....

From CWSA > Bande Mataram > The Doctrine of Passive Resistance > Page 278

Commemorative Plaque

  • Commemorative Plaque at 32, Muraripukur Road
    Commemorative Plaque


Sri Aurobindo was the prime accused in the 'Alipore Bomb Case'. The Garden-house at Muraripukur is inextricably linked to this case. On 2.May.1908, fourteen revolutionaries were arrested from these premises. They were:

Barindra Kumar Ghose

Sishir Kumar Ghose

Bibhuti Bhuson Sarkar

Nolini Kanta Gupta

Bijoy Kumar Nag

Ullaskar Dutt

Indu Bhusan Roy

Paresh Chandra Moulik

Sachindra Kumar Sen

Kunjolal Saha

Purnachandra Sen

Narendra Nath Bakshi

Hemendra Ghosh

Upendra Nath Bannerjee

Unveiled on 15.August.1990

Location of Commemorative Plaque for 32, Muraripukur Road


Location of Commemorative Plaque

  • Rabindra Udyan, Opposite Calcutta Armed Police, 5th Battalion H.Q.

The Commemorative Plaque was relocated to its current location in 2008 as the original building no longer stands.
Muraripukur road is now known as Biplabi Barin Ghose Sarani.


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