• Homage to Joyadi

  • Charts for Joyadi's Birthday

  • Birthday Wishes by students

  • Homage paid by wellwishers

  • Homage paid by teachers

  • Homage paid by ex-students

  • Floral tributes by students

  • At the Hall of light - Programme to celebrate Joyadi's Birthday during school assembly

  • Students gathered for School Assembly

  • Morning Prayers - Junior School Assembly

  • Programme to celebrate Joyadi's Birthday during school assembly

  • Flowers for Ma'am

  • Children paying tribute

  • Flowers and card for Joyadi

  • Before the party

  • Sraddhalu Ranade talking to Ranjan at the Party

  • Guests

  • Children engrossed in flower decoration

  • Arranging flowers for the Inter-House competition

  • We are ready with our flowers for display

  • Students with Flower arrangements

  • Flower arrangement competition on the occasion of the Founder Principal's Birth Anniversary

  • Flower Arrangements on display

  • More Flowers

  • A beautiful arrangement from Class XI

  • An arrangement from junior school

  • "Faith Forever"

  • Another from middle school

  • An arrangement by a student of Class IX

  • An arrangement from Junior School

  • From Class V

  • A creation in yellow and White

  • Ensemble of colours

  • "Rose - A symbol of Love"

  • Flowers offered by students

  • Joya di

  • Joya di's photograph

  • Flowers in the Hall of Light for the programme in the evening

  • Sri Aurobindo and The Mother's photographs on stage

  • Joyadi

  • A student rendering a song as a tribute

  • Mr. Ranjan Mitter speaking to the audience

  • Shri Sraddhalu Ranade - Homage to Joyadi

  • Shri Supriti Mukhopadhyay reading the original Bengali version of 'Karakahini'

  • Floating flower petals

An invocation in Sanskrit by Shri Sraddhalu Ranade

A talk by Shri Sraddhalu Ranade remembering Joya di and the inspiration she provides

Shri Supriti Mukhopadhyay's reading of the original Bengali version of 'Karakahini' - Sri Aurobindo's account of his life as an under-trial prisoner


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